You Beautiful Creature: Promo Poster


Print | November 2011


To promote the release of You Beautiful Creature's debut album, "Godspeed You Bill Murray!",   I created a sweet (and giant! 19"x12.5") gig poster. Our budget was well below minimal, so I faked traditional screenprinting practices while using a digital press. Printed on French Paper Co.'s lovely Madero Beach stock.

Detail shot below for full faux-screen glory. Worth the click, I promise.



Promo- detail

Sour Mash Productions


Identity | March 2012


In January of 2011, I made a logo for the newly-formed Chicago-based Sour Mash Theatre Company. In the time since then, the company has grown and developed, and with that growth came a new name: Sour Mash Productions. This is the identity I developed for SMP. I drew up the lettering by hand, pulling inspiration from vintage liquor labels and bourbon barrels.


Illustration: Irish Elk


Web | December 2011


I drew this up as a Christmas card/ experiment with linocut-style illustration in AI. Irish Elks were massive, and went extinct forever ago, and I think they're neat.


Red Theater: Red Hamlet


Print | July 2011


With their kaleidoscopic script for "Red Hamlet" accepted to Minnesota Fringe, Red Theater asked me to create a unified series of posters to promote those performances and the many leading up to it. The skull graphic was also used on t-shirts (as modeled on RT founder Aaron Sawyer), postcards, and generally plastered everywhere from Lincoln to Minneapolis. The show was killer, got rave reviews, and was an all-around success. We're looking forward to the next project!


Red Theater: Red Hamlet Reading


Print | November 2010


Each Red Theater project is a chance to do something completely different from the last, and I totally dig that. The theatre ensemble produces wildly energetic, incredibly personal pieces-- an entirely new crop of tightly-condensed scripts for each show. Red Hamlet is their interpretation of Shakespeare's tragedy, re-imagining the trouble in Denmark through their own lens.


I printed out a draft of the script, wrote, highlighted, scribbled, and crumpled the pages, and then scanned in the bits to create the skull.



Red Hamlet- Detail

Red Theater: Misfit Toys


Print | November 2010


I knew Red Theater would take "Misfit Toys" about as far away from the claymation Island from which it takes its name as possible, so I decided to move the poster in a similarly oddball direction. Taking my cue from the classic Tetris, I made 8-bit toys that (quite literally) didn't fit.

The Horribly Slow Murderer With the Extremely Inefficient Weapon


Web | October 2010


One of the best-ever ten-minute trailers for a movie that hasn't been made .

Watch it in all its HD glory here.



Paper Doll


Illustration | September 2010


I made this as a self-portrait of sorts after re-discovering how amazing paper dolls can be. The skull is an homage to McBess, whose style is flawless.

Paper Doll


Illustration | September 2010


The first "paper doll" illustration proved to be a big hit. I made one of my sister. I'm proud of the way her crazy hair and gauges turned out. Her little pink monster is a shout-out to my sister's amazing passion for drawing-- that little dude first appeared in Sister's self-portrait earlier in the year.

Jenny + Casey: Wedding


Print | May 2010


Jenny and Casey had a fun, sweet vision for the print collateral for their child-friendly wedding: vintage children's books. So, modest budget in mind and inspired by the family's yellow Cub plane and Ludwig Bemelmans' incomparable "Madeline" books, I created postcard RSVPs and Save-the-dates, as well as poster-sized invites.



Ella-Gant Cocktail


Print | February 2010


Actors Theatre partnered with Brown-Foreman to offer special cocktails for the 2009-2010 Brown-Foreman Series. I created signage to promote the charming (and tasty!) beverages. This particular table-top sign was up during the run of Ella.


Still Makes Me Smile


Print | June 2009


I don't think I can emphasize enough how much I adore mixes. This was a see-you-soon present for a friend-- the album title is a nod to The Mighty Mighty Bosstone's "Toxic Toast".

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